Hello lovely Mount Wholefoods customers.  Due to a high demand for orders at the moment we appreciate your patience as we work to process your order as quickly and safely as we can.  We ask that all orders for Mon - Wed deliveries be in to us by Saturdays 5pm.  All orders for Thurs - Fri deliveries to be in to us by Tuesday 5pm.  We will do our best to fufill your order, if something is out of stock at this time we will replace it with a similar item and price.  We will resume backorders when we are back to normal trading. Due to the limited freight options at this time sorry we have had to increase the shipping price, we are offering pick up from our Mount Maunganui designated collection point for a $5 packing fee to compensate.  We will adjust the shipping price back once we back to normal trading. Thanks for your co operation and understanding.  Stay safe xxx 

We are an online Whole food delivery service.  You can sign up for a weekly subscription box, or custom make your own order. We deliver organic, naturally grown, and or local wholefoods in the Bay of Plenty and the North Island.  Simply place your order online and we will pack and send it you for a next day delivery if out of town, or same day delivery if local.  We deliver on MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY straight to your door.  Our product range also includes organic nuts, seeds, grains, bread, eggs, coconut products, pantry staples and more. Think of us as an online farmers market.  

We deliver Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Please have your order in by 10am the day before.  Choose from either a subscription standard seasonal box, where the fruit and veges are already selected for you or custom make your own box, under the custom boxes tab, where you can select all your own produce and pantry staples.

Click here for shopping Standard Boxes or here for Fruit and Veges (Custom Boxes)

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food