FAQ and Testimonials

How does Mount Wholefoods work?

We have created 2 different shopping options for you.

Option one

Become a "wholefoods regular".  Choose either a small or large seasonal vegetable box that is delivered to you every Wednesday by simply visiting here Standard Boxes .  Once you have made your first purchase we look after the rest and you will have organic veges delivered every week without having to think about it.   small boxes only $37 , large $55.  You cannot make changes to the produce in this box however at anytime you would like additions bread, eggs, pantry staples or extra produce you can shop online by 10am Monday morning, choose the addition to order as the freight option and you won't be charged extra freight, and we will add them to your box.  We love packing boxes and will ensure you have a wonderful selection of seasonal produce.  We will always include the basics but keep it interesting and nutritious.

Option two

Be an "online shopper".  Visit our website anytime and choose anything from here Shopping and we will deliver it any day Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  Please have your order in by 10am the day before

Do I need to be home to receive my vege box?

No you do not need to be home.  We will instruct the driver to leave in shade at the door if you are out.  If you have a specific place you would like you vege box left please advise us under special instructions when ordering.

I don't want to use my Visa card, can I pay via direct debit?

Yes all you need to do is select POLI at checkout.  This is a system which enables you to securely log onto your bank account and make a transfer straight to our back account with all the references already included for you. 

What is in a standard box?

We try and include a good selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables and try and include veges that work together, ie mushrooms and leeks.  If you would like to be specific about what is in your box we recommend you custom make your own box, then you can select everything you need for your weekly meals. 

What should I do if I have ordered but forgotten to add something?

Simply go back online and order the products you have forgotten and when selecting the shipping option choose addition to order.  This way you are only paying freight for the original order and we will include the second order in with your first.


I love this service. 
My life is so much easier now, you get to personalize your order online, specifying what types of fruits and vegetables you are interested in. Website is informative and easy to navigate even from your mobile.
The goods are always fresh and delicious. Every time I stock my fridge with a new shipment, I feel like a gourmand - an epicurean:)  Communication is fantastic, I have sent the occasional messages for one reason or another, and got a reply within at most a business day, and you can tell they are written by an actual person who cares about the business, their product, and the customer, not some robo-machine with universal pre-composed phrases. Once you start the service you will never want to stop it.  Absolutely recommend with no reservations.

I am so impressed with the quality of your products-thanks for making my life easier!

What a great way to stay healthy ! Loving the smoothies n great fruit & veges .. Highly recommend ppl order from here their box of healthy goodies on a weekly basis !