Small Seasonal Fruit/Vege Box

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Small Seasonal Fruit/Vege Box

Small Seasonal Fruit/Vege Box

Feeds 1-2 wholefoods lovers or a small family
NZ$ 37.00
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What could be in your box

Please note this is not what is in the box everyweek, this is a guide only and produce changes depending on season and costs.  This was a box one day in August x 

1kg Bananas (approx 6 bananas)

1kg Apples (approx 5 apples)

1kg Oranges (approx 5 oranges)

1kg Potato (approx 7 medium potatoes)

1 Broccoli

500g Brown onions (approx 3 onions)

500g Lemons (approx 4 medium lemons)

250g Mushrooms (small brown paper bag of mushrooms)

300g Curly Kale (a very large armful of kale)

500g Beetroot ( 3 medium beetroot)

1 Garlic