Source Structured Artisan Water 10L

Source Structured Artisan Water 10L
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Source is drawn from an aquifer that contains the highest naturally-found alkaline water in the world.

The Source aquifer is not a 'well', which has a finite resource. It is instead a deep river of over 600 million litres which replenishes itself annually. Water not taken washes out to sea.

Its high alkalinity is created by an ancient aquifer rock bed deep below the surface. The water flows over sedimentary rock from the Miocene epoch, which dates back approximately 5 to 23 million years ago.

The specific Miocene-aged sedimentary rock found in the region is known for its diverse characteristics, including sandstone, siltstone, mudstone, conglomerate, limestone and volcanoclastic rock.

It is this unique rock bed that imparts Source with its high alkaline, therapeutic, and nourishing qualities.