Born Curtain Mold Removal Spray 500ml

Born Curtain Mold Removal Spray 500ml
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Curtain mould removing is always a headache.  With BORN  mould removal spray, taking down blinds, harsh chemical and time consuming process will be removed as well as the mould!!

Born mould removal stubborn mould & Germs. The fast result can be seen without much effort, simply spray and watch it disappear! Yet it is made from renewable natural ingredients, BioGro certificate organic formula. It works on Blinds, Nettings and Curtains.


  •  Spray to make sure the entire area is well covered.

  • Leave on for 3 minutes, change in colour indicates the product is working, leave the product on for the best result.

  • Always do a patch test first.

  • If the carpet is present, make sure it is well covered.


Active ingredient

Hypochlorite+-1%, blended surfactants, balance water to 100%