Matcha Matcha Organic Japanese Sencha 80g

Matcha Matcha Organic Japanese Sencha 80g
First harvest, deep, emerald green whole needles of tea, sourced from Kumamoto prefecture, Southern Japan.
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Japan’s most popular tea, this cultivar is characterized by a harmonious balance of refreshing sweetness and rich umami tones.

Sencha Green Tea leaves are steamed immediately after harvesting, inhibiting
oxidisation and preserving the nutritional properties and delicious fresh flavour.
Sencha tea contains a high amount of polyphenols, a potent antioxidant with
many health benefits.

The Perfect Cup

1-2 tsp sencha per 8oz cup (depending on your taste preference)
Hot water (75-80 degrees)
Brew for 1 minute, or up to 2 minutes depending on your preference. 
Cold Brew – Sencha makes an excellent Iced Tea. Brew for 10-15 minutes in ice

Ingredients – 100% Organic Japanese Sencha (JAS certified organic)